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Welcome to the New Year (2019)

Posted on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 @ 5:06am by

Welcome back from the Holiday Break. Hope everyone has enjoyed their time off.

To get everyone up to speed, Here is where we are currently with our mission.

* We have found the USS Clip and have discovered that the Borg or an off brand of the Borg have assimilated some or all of its crew.

* After looking through the Clip's Logs and Captain's Logs we have found the ship that may have attacked the Clip and its crew.

* The Lantau has caught up with an unidentified ship (at the time of discovery) only to find out that it is a Borg ship.

*The so called head Borg Quirelis has demanded our surrender.

* And Last but not least, our Chief Intelligence Officer Commander Kerr is getting ready to beam over to the Borg ship to hopefully deploy a virus that will disable the Borg.

Now we will start our Massive JP with Commander Kerr beaming to the Borg ship.

Happy Posting.

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