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Ensign Rostra Tang

Name Rostra Tang

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Dalacari
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 157 lbs
Hair Color White fur, Blonde dyed Hair
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Both of the women named Rostra Tang look identical, from eye color to fur color to hair color, and bear a resemblance to an evolved and humanoid version of the Earth creature known as an 'ermine'. The pair stand at 5'8" each, with long hair, generous figures, and a thick furred tail trailing behind them. Each of them serving as a distraction for the other as they go about their day to day lives.

Soft and friendly, Rostra's green eyes dazzle in any light, though some would be put off by her mouthful of rather sharp teeth, and while her hands show signs of vestigial claws, they're hardly more then just something to paint.

The twins are practically inseparable, always walking together as a pair. Everywhere they go, the two of them are together. This is due to the traits of the Dalacari.

Every Dalacari birth results in twins, and those twins are linked via a low-level telepathic bond, forming before their bodies finish forming in the womb. They believe that their souls are too big for one body, and therefore they are all twins, born with a best friend and confidant.

They've been known to finish each others sentences, talk in unison, walk in unison, and trade tasks effortlessly. They both respond to their name, "Rostra Tang".


Father Debor Tang
Mother Varlis Tang

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rostra is inquisitive, kind, and understanding... especially in situations where folks are born all by their lonesome. She loves puzzles, especially mazes, since she starts at both ends and meets in the middle rather then going from start to end. As a binary lifeform she can approach situations from two angles, and can often offer at least two points of view. This causes people to often think she's opinionated. At least, that's what she read in the books.

She's very warm and friendly, and can quickly become friends with someone provided they're looking for a new friend. She has a reserved personality but can easily be convinced to go on the most ludicrous adventures, either on the holodeck or in the wide open spaces.
Strengths & Weaknesses One would think that having two physical bodies would be a huge benefit, but it means that Rostra technically consumes twice as much water, air, and food as any singular person. She can literally have two points of view of any subject, and can do the work of two people, but can still only come to one final opinion. She is well learned, having had access to practically a library of knowledge both home and in academy, though there's a world of difference between Book Smart and Street Smart.

Rostra cannot bear to be separated from her other self for long, and often grows uncertain or just incredibly insular until the two of her are reunited. It's a taboo among Dalacari to come into prolonged physical contact with one's own twin. It confuses and muddles their shared mind as they sort out a double dose of what normally is casual contact.

Her strength of personality is her true strength, though. She's friendly, open, honest, and cheerful. All the qualities to make a long term friend.
Ambitions Rostra's ambitions are simple. Do her job, take studious notes, make plenty of friends, and find happiness. She doesn't dream to be captain, or admiral. She has realistic dreams. Often too solidly rooted in fact.
Hobbies & Interests Rostra likes to read in her spare time, and write reviews for the books she's read. She enjoys trying new things, and at times can be something of a thrill seeker, though she tends to shy away from singular events, or events that could separate her binary selves. She loves literature, as well as group activities. To further her career, and her literary library.

Personal History Rostra's early life on Dalacar was rather simple, considering she was a child. On Dalacar, everything was vast and expansive though due to the semi-unique biology of the Dalacari that was to be expected. Every Dalacari was a twin birth, and every pair of Dalacari were linked together in development by a low yield telepathic bond. In essence, each pair shared a single mind, but had two bodies to explore the world around them with. Two attentions, two perspectives, two possibilities, but all drawing to a singular conclusion. The Dalacari embraced their lifestyle of understanding and openness, becoming a powerful force of diplomacy in their region of space. While not entirely crime or tragedy free, the Dalacari consider their approach sufficient and freely offer aid to the universe around them.

Dalacar itself is an M-Class world, with 60% water and four seasons (Though, if you ask the Dalacari, they'd only mention feeling three of them). The world hosts an abundance of flora and fauna, preserved by the Dalacari now that they know that overindustrialization can damage their world.

Rostra's attendance at Academy was, to say the least, interesting. Her exotic looks made her several new friends, especially since there were two of her (Or that's what everyone kept saying). At Academy, she excelled in mathematics and sciences, especially in scenarios dealing with pattern recognition. She majored in behavioral science and psychology and was on the fast track to becoming a counselor, though she was turned down since singular folk grew nervous when there was someone else in the room with them.

Dismayed at having to choose another career track, she opted for something that she could apply all her current course credit to, and slowly gravitated towards a position still within the Science field. Accused of cheating at a few points in her advancement, she educated the instructors quickly that no... there was only one Rostra Tang, she just happened to have two bodies. Often confused with the Binar, Rostra soon found that just shaking her heads and moving beyond that speed bump made conversation far simpler. 'Yes, there was only one binary race in all of the cosmos' she'd tell people, while both of her sat before them.
Service Record Rostra Tang graduated from Academy 2382. From there, she attended a number of scientific symposiums and served as crew. Her first official posting was aboard the USS Wellington, where she served as an adviser to the Captain.

Dalacari Education: Standard curriculum. Excelled in science and math.

Academy Graduation: Standard curriculum plus electives. Excellent in science and math. Majored in Psychology and Behavioral Science, then changed majors to Biological Science. Minored in Physics and Organic Chemistry.

Service aboard USS Wellington: Served as Mission Adviser. Duties included preparation of presentations, gathering of non-critical reports, and overseeing interdepartmental relations.