USS Lantau
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Posted on Sat Mar 28th, 2020 @ 8:06am by

=/\= Computer begin personal log SD 53849.5=/\=
=/\= Begin Recording=/\=

I sit here wondering why all these terrible things have befallen my lady Lantau. What has this crew, senior staff done to deserve all of the mishaps that have befallen her.

With the death of the Captain and now the chief of ops and counselor, somehow I am beginning to believe that the gods, or fate as it were, are against this ship and her crew. How can I do my job properly with the condition of the ship she is in? We need parts and this bone yard is the answer to our nightmare or is it? From what I have scanned, this boneyard is of ships that are 8 years old from their original finish date. But how can this be? How far did we get thrown in time? I have to keep this ship and crew safe including my captain who is upset by all of this.

With the death of Capt. Haught, both Finchley and I have been thrown into the command chairs and I guess it has affected us and the crew in ways we never could have anticipated. I know it has affected me greatly because I looked on Evelyn almost as if she were more of a sister than a captain. I know it sounds crazy but I can't help it, but I still love Finchley in some ways. Call me a fool for hoping that maybe he might still have some feelings for me after all of what has happened but I can't let go of what I have. I just hope that we all make it out of this mess and get back to a normal way of doing things.

=/\= Computer end personal log=/\=

Lt. Cmdr J'Loni Mo'Bri
USS Lantau


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