USS Lantau
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Chief Security Tactical Officer

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 7:17am by Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen)

After a few hours of reading and catching up on fleets security journals and tactics, not that tactics had changed at all but they liked the fleets tacticians to stay up to date. YirVass had set a weekly alarm to remind him it was time to get his command log done. It was then that the alarm went off to remind him it was time.

“Computer record.” YirVass said.

Well this week I have continued working on Tahtib. It is fun actually, like many of the earth martial arts it is based on using biodynamics to cause pain without deliberate causing long term injury to defend yourself.

Work wise this for the main ship this week I and the brig security teams have been working out some of the bugs and glitches that had been developing since the accident. We got them worked out without involving the Engineers beyond logging it for an Engineer to check the brig for power leakage.

Other than that this week I have been continuing to work on salvage of the destroyed ships to improve the physical defence of the shuttles and other crafts. The Engineering and Operations departments of course are just as involved with that so that firing those weapons doesn’t fry the computer inboard or then it is completely useless.

“Computer end log.”YirVass said.


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