USS Lantau
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Personal Log update.

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 1:08pm by Commander Finchley Kerr

"Computer, begin Personal Log" Finchley said.


"The Engineering and Operations staff continue to astound me, well all of us really, with their ingenuity and 'special fixes' to keep us running. They've also had success in making three shuttle craft serviceable enough to take out into the boneyard, and they're almost finished converting the Captain's yacht so it can be used as another shuttle craft. The Away Teams have been set up and given their orders to salvage what they can for their particular department or area of expertise. Myself and Commander Mo'Bri will be using the mark eight shuttle craft, Lieutenant Daar and Ensign Tang the mark nine shuttle craft and Dr Calloway and Ensign Kaiku the mark elven shuttle craft. Once the Captain's yacht has finished being converted and they let me know, I'll make a decision on who will be using it.

Everyone knows that what they salvage right away needs to be small enough to bring back to their shuttle craft, anything that's bigger will need to be earmarked and hopefully we can manoeuvre the Lantau closer and fetch it back. I must admit, I'm stunned at how well the crew are coping, I'm so very proud of them all. When Lt Foxwell and Lt Suzukaze died suddenly after a bulkhead blew out, their deputies had no hesitations about stepping up and taking on the responsible roles offered to them.

The department staff seem to have taken to them moving up, so there's no problem there. I hope and pray we can find some useful items in the boneyard to help us fix some, if not all, the problems we have. I'm going to be relying heavily on our new Science Chief, Lieutenant Bradshaw, to get me answers on the shockwaves...where did they come from, what's their composition and how did they affect this area of space enough to push us back in time?

Computer, end log and save" Finchley finished.

==^==Recording ended, log saved==^==


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