USS Lantau

Personal Log: Tyler Bradshaw - Stardate 69274.5

Posted on Fri Apr 10th, 2020 @ 6:50pm by Lieutenant JG Tyler Bradshaw

Personal Log: Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyler Bradshaw, Chief Science Officer
Stardate: 69274.5

The events of the past few days have been a lot to take in. The Lantau has been struck by two temporal shockwaves, both of which caused major structural damage. They also killed members of the ship’s crew, including Captain Haught and Lieutenant Gordon. I didn’t know either particularly well, but Lieutenant Gordon’s death has had a particularly profound effect on me; I’ve been promoted to Chief Science Officer in her stead and to Lieutenant Junior Grade along with it.

I’ve wanted this ever since I was at the Academy but somehow achieving it this way feels…wrong. The truth is that while I’ve been working towards this since graduating two years ago, I don’t know if I’m ready yet. Shit, I’d only just been an Assistant Chief Science Officer for a couple of weeks before circumstance has forced me into the top Science billet. This promotion wasn’t based on merit, but on seniority; I was the senior most Assistant Chief and therefore simply first in line. Now, the department is looking to me for leadership and Commander Kerr is looking to me for answers and I’m not sure I can provide either.

The damage sustained by the Lantau when the shockwaves struck has corrupted some of the sensor data, which means we’re having to reconstruct the damaged data blocks before we can analyse them. This is making progress much slower than we would like. What little we’ve been able to determine so far is that the shockwaves were temporal in nature.

Now I have to inform the department, my department, of the news. This isn’t going to be easy; Lieutenant Gordon was a well-respected leader. I can only hope to do justice to her memory.

End Log