USS Lantau
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Digging in when the tanks empty.

Posted on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 6:42pm by Commander Finchley Kerr
Edited on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 6:52pm

In the Ready room, Finchley sat in the XO's chair and looked at the Captains seat, "Computer this is Commander Kerr begin personal log."


"Personal log, Commander Kerr, Executive Officer, USS Lantau. It's now a couple of hours since the ship was hit by two shockwaves, ship wide reports are now in and we're in a bad way. Engineering has said warp core is offline and it'll be three to four days before we have it back online but even then it'll be limited. Impulse appears to be holding for the moment, but we've been advised by Commander Mo'Bri not to push them to hard. ODN conduits on decks seven, eight, twelve and fifteen are all blown, though the secondary relays are working. Several decks have been severely damaged and bulkheads have blown out, forcefields are working for the time being, though for how long it's not clear. I've ordered the decks cleared for those areas affected and the crew are doubling up in sleeping arrangements. As we're not sure if there's any possibility of another shockwave, I've given strict orders to the upkeep of the ships shields so we can keep them intact just in case there is one. I spoke with Commander Mo'Bri and gave her orders to give priority to Medical to ensure they have everything they need to take care of the injured. After that, getting the warp core online, we 'must' try to find help to get us patched up. All replicator rations for the crew have been halved and the additional rations have be given to Medical for whatever purpose Dr Calloway deems necessary.
Dr Calloway has reported we have a number of casualties, by their reckoning one in ten of the crew are either injured or dead. When I last spoke with him he said a dozen officers were dead with ten still unaccounted for, nineteen enlisted crew were dead with eleven unaccounted for and thirty civilians dead with five still unaccounted for. Petty Officer Nisix has been doing a deck by deck manual check with his staff to look for survivors and their report has shown the damage we've sustained is extensive. They've managed to find several crew and civilians and had the worst cases transported to Medical. Those walking wounded have been helped to the triage centres set up around the ship in safe areas.
The most devastating news I have to report is the death of our CO, Captain Evelynn Haught. She was caught by a falling beam on the bridge when the first shockwave hit us. This is particularly difficult piece of news for myself personally, as not only was she my Captain, she was my friend and mentor. Much of what I've learned about Command skills has come from her, and when I've felt low she's always been the one I've turned to and she's helped me see things clearly and from a positive perspective. For the moment, we've no way of letting Starfleet HQ know what's happened with the Captain or the ship, so the onus falls on myself as the next Senior ranking officer to step up to temporary CO. Though I'm reluctant do so, stability for the crew is something we need, and this will hopefully hep them with this. I've asked Lieutenant Commander Mo'Bri to step up to temporary XO as well as remaining our Chief Engineer and they've said yes. 'Our' priority is the safety of the crew and ship, ensuring we keep them safe and getting them home safely. I won't lie, the task ahead is daunting, the ships in a terrible condition, but we 'must' instil confidence in the crew so they remain focused on their duties."

He looked up and stared at the ceiling, then lowered his head and stared at the exit door "Computer, end log and save."

==^==Log saved==^==

With a deep inhalation of air through his nose and slow release through his mouth, he nodded his head with determination and headed back out onto the bridge.


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