USS Lantau
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New security on the block[Backlog]

Posted on Fri Mar 20th, 2020 @ 1:59am by Ensign Leeni Kaiku

=/\= crew quarters =/\=

Leenie was like the new kid on the block not knowing much she had been on the Lantau about half the Month, to a month on the Lantau.

she was putting some of her close and items away, she was grabbing some other items to decorate her quarters before going on duty. She wasn't really expect much it was up to her Security chief on what they expected from her, she then continued decorating her place, grabbing thing from the Replicator to help decorate her place and she used it for replicating Cold Ice tea to drink so she enjoyed a break while decorating her place,and before duty time.

Leenie didn't want to spend her whole time decorating, she needed to get to know the whole Lantau ship as a security officer.

Ens Leeni Kaiku
Assist Security/Tactical


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