USS Lantau
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The current situation.

Posted on Sat Mar 21st, 2020 @ 3:46pm by Commander Finchley Kerr

"Computer, begin personal log" Finchley said.


"Commander Mo'Bri and her engineering teams have worked miracles and managed to get the Lantau moving again. We do have power outages still, and I fear that at any moment we could just grind to halt, but they keep our engines limping on somehow, it wouldn't surprise me if I looked down the nacelles and found J'Loni's staff out there pushing us!

We do have a beacon of hope though, our Science department have discovered an area of space that has a ship boneyard, so I've taken the decision and ordered an alteration on our current heading so we can take a look to find out if we can salvage anything that could help us make repairs, even small ones would be a help.

I've just had a report that half the shuttle craft we had are damaged beyond repair, as is the Argo and the Danube, but the Delta Flyer and the Captains yacht seems ok. It sounds like the crew and going to try and alter the yacht and try to turn it into more of a runabout, I hope it's an easy task.

Moral on the ship is low, but along with the other Senior Staff, we're trying to keep everyone busy so that they can focus on that rather than on the devastation that's recently been brought upon us. I think this discovery of the boneyard will be a double blessing, not only helping us try and fix what we can on the ship with what we can find, but giving the crew hope as well and keep them thinking there's a light at the end of this current dark tunnel.

I'm trying to remain positive, I don't want to let the crew see that I'm struggling not only with the death of the Captain, but also the responsibility of stepping up to fill in their position, keep everyone safe and try to lead us safely back home to Federation space.

Computer, end Personal log and save."

==^==Personal log ended and saved==^==


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