USS Lantau
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Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 2:41am by Lieutenant Joseph Calloway

“Computer Begin Log,” JC said wearily. “This is Lieutenant Calloway, Chief Medical Officer Aboard the Lantau. I feel I need to complete this log while the recent memories of the event are fresh. I will do my best as a doctor to keep personal feelings out of the following descriptions and stick to the narrative as well as I can.”

JC took a sip of some hot green tea with honey before continuing. “The Lantau was hit by a shockwave, I don’t know the scientific description or specifics behind it yet but this is what I do know. We suffered minor casualties and odd happenings throughout the ship. One crewmen who was not pregnant before the shockwave was in her third trimester moments later. There were minor injuries cuts, scrapes, a couple of broken arms but nothing to serious. A second shockwave shook the ship maybe 20 or 30 minutes later. I honestly don’t know for sure because, I admit, my adrenaline was pumping and I was triaging and dealing with injuries. I received a call from the XO Commander Kerr to visit the bridge. The Captain was injured and there was nothing to be done, other than pronounce her officially deceased.”

JC paused a moment to gather his thoughts, he took a deep breath and then continued, “Later our Counselor was brought in for treatment as well. By this point we had several dead crew members, multiple trauma victims, and a large number of walking wounded. Without consulting with the Commander I made the unilateral decision to open the auxiliary Medical Bay. My Chief Nurse took the lead down there and was able to get a lot of the walking wounded back to work within a few hours. At this point I began to recognize the disassociation I began to have with the evolving situation. I continued to do the best I could to save as many as I could but it was almost like I was on auto pilot. It wasn’t until Commander Kerr asked me to assist with delivering the news to the Counselor of her mother’s death that I pulled it all together again. I do believe that I as well as other crew members will begin experiencing Post Traumatic Stress systems. With this log I hope to clarify any ambiguity in my Medical Logs following the incident. My opinion is that we lost crewmen due to no fault or mistake of our Captain or Senior Officers. The leadership shown afterwards by Commander Kerr and Lieutenant Commander J’Loni helped keep the crew focused and prevented a bad situation from devolving into something worse. I Lieutenant James Calloway do affirm that this log was written by myself with no influence from my upper chain of command.”

-Computer End Log-

As he finished the last words of his log JC fell into an evening of fitful sleep, haunted by shipmates broken bodies, and their pleas for help that he will update never be able to heal or answer.


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