USS Lantau
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Comparitivev natures.

Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2020 @ 4:09pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Joseph Calloway

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Medical/Engineering/Bridge
Timeline: Current

J'Loni hobbled into sickbay just in time to collapse at the Doctor's feet groaning as she went. "Fek'lar bloody hell", she growled. "Doctor my orders are for me to get patched up, make sure your sickbay is able to maintain itself, from here back to engineering and the core. In that order and I apologize for not reporting sooner," she said as the blood began to ooze again from her wounds making her weaker than she wanted to admit.

JC was working on a young petty Officer from the Operations Department, the Andorian has been struck in the head by falling equipment during the second shock wave. With a soft mournful tone he said “Time of Death 1431.” He paused a moment before turning to a pair of volunteers, “Please lay her carefully in the back room for now we need the reuse this bed.” JC turned to look a moment when he heard the doors open, please I can’t lose another crew member, he thought to himself. As he watched the Klingon enter and collapse he called for help. Carefully, with some assistance, they were able to get J’Loni into the recently vacated bed.

The scans showed weakening vitals, most likely to internal hemorrhaging, he used a hypospray to keep the Engineer sedated while he worked. It took him over an hour to make all of the necessary repairs. The Klingon physiology was unique and required a slightly different approach than the average humanoid. Once the bleeding had been stopped, and J’Loni’s vitals returned to almost normal, he gave her a second hypospray to counter the effects of the anesthetic. Knowing he had some time before she awoke he turned to check on another patient.

As her mind began to focus on the sounds she was hearing, J'Loni's eyes fluttered slowly as they opened. Not being able to focus her vision right away caused her to scream, "I can't see!!!......Why????", and started crying. Without her sight she was useless, and couldn't do her job. Besides that it was very scary to not being able to see.

JC heard the cry and ran to the bedside of the Chief Engineer, "Calm down, Commander, I'm right here and i'm going to take care of you. Computer raise lights to low," JC said and watched as the illumination increased slightly. "Commander your eyesight will return to normal, it is a side effect of attempting to counter the anesthesia. Hence the reason you're in here with almost no light. You suffered some internal damage and superficial wounds, all has been treated but you will need to take it easy for a few days. nothing strenuous if you can help it."

"Ok doctor but I don't know if I can oblige you by staying lazy. I have orders to get engineering back online especially the propulsion. The captain made that clear before I got here," J'Loni said.

“You will be fine within the hour, probably sooner due to your unique Klingon metabolism. Rest for now and I will be back shortly,” JC said as he exited the room.


Finchley looked around the bridge, it was almost completely unrecognisable from the pristine one he'd witnessed a day before. Bulkheads were twisted, conduit pipes, struts and beams hung down from the roof, half the console stations were blown out, debris lay everywhere, blood stains from the injured and dead were all to clear to see. The crew moved around, trying their best to clear up the mess, and it was a huge task. He could do one of two thing, give orders to clear it up, or roll up his sleeves and get stuck in to help and thus at least try to give a little boost to moral.

He saw an Ensign at the communications station standing staring at the mess, lost almost. He walked up to them and put a hand on their shoulder and said "Well Ensign, looks like we have a job on out hands fixing this up then."

The Ensign turned to face Finchley and replied "I...I...think it's dead Sir, what are we going to do, how can we let Starfleet HQ know what a mess we're in?"

"Well, I don't know much about communications" Finchley lied "if you were to attempt to fix it, how would you tackle the problem?"

"Tackle it Sir, it's shot!" the Ensign replied, the pitch of their voice rising.

Finchley could see and sense the panic from the Ensign, so in a calm voice replied "Well, 'if' it were possible to repair, how would you go about doing it?"

The Ensign looked back at the console again, this time though they looked more calm as they said "Well I suppose I could remove the gain receiver and try to boost the signal amplification by routing it through the secondary signal transceiver. But then I'd have to take the translator matrix offline to get to that and the modulation invertor would need to be moved to help add extra power to the gain receiver when I place that back in. Then we'd need to..."

Finchley patted the Ensign on the arm and said "Tell you what, you sound like you've got a job on your hands trying to get that console working again, you get to it and I'll check back on you in an hour to see how you're getting on and you can talk me through your work of magic!"

"Aye Sir", the Ensign replied, now eager to try and get the console working again "I'll see you in an hour."

Finchley smiled and nodded as he moved off. He knew some of the crew would be scared and frightened, hell, he was and he was in Command now, but all the crew needed was a little boost to their confidence to help them regain their focus. He was sure that by the time he returned back the Ensign, they'd be elbow deep in the console trying to make it work, if not in fact having made it work.

He tapped his COMM badge and said "Commander Kerr to the Doctor, how are things going in Medical, do you need any more help?"

“I think things are as stable as they can be at the moment Commander, we will be shifting from triage to recovery within the hour sir.” JC replied. It was never easy when saving lives shifted into recovering fallen comrades and trying to locate missing personnel.

J'Loni finally felt more like herself finally and sat up on the edge of the bio bed and cracked her knuckles. "Hey Doc can I get back to my job? I am needed in engineering to glue the ship back together", she said smiling.

“Can you see well enough to go? If so then you can go; but I need you to come back for a check up tomorrow or I will find you,” JC replied sternly. He’d seen enough death in one day to last a lifetime. It was something he knew would haunt him the rest of his life.

"Thanks Doc. I am off to engineering and if you need anything just holler and I'll send someone quickly", J'Loni said sliding off the bio bed and heading for the doors and engineering. Tapping her combadge, "Mo'Bri to Capt. Kerr, I am out of sickbay and on my way to engineering. I should have a progress repodt for you asap!", she said as she entetedthe lift and sent it to the engineering deck.

On the bridge, Finchley heard the message from his Executive Officer, tapped his COMM badge and replied "I'm glad to hear you're alright Commander, take your time though, don't push yourself to hard. I look forward to receiving your report on what progress we've made to get the ship in reasonable working order. Whatever resources you need, so long as we don't detract anything from Medical, you have my authorisation to take them, Kerr out."


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