USS Lantau
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The search

Posted on Tue Mar 17th, 2020 @ 12:09pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant Hayden Foxwell & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant Joseph Calloway & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: USS Lantau, Bridge/Medical
Timeline: Current


Finchley looked around the bridge. The crew had done a wonderful job of clearing it and making it habitable again with work stations fixed and those still usable jury rigged to ensure there was as much use from them as possible. He knew they were all tired, very tired both physically and mentally and he went around every one of them asking how they were, seeing what he could do for them, giving a word of gratitude for what they'd done and encouragement to those he could see were in need of one. He was immensely proud of them, of ALL the crew, they'd pulled out all the stops when they'd faced hopeless odds to keep the ship running. He himself was tired beyond words, but he drew strength from those around him and as he sat in the Captains chair, he closed his eyes for a second, took a deep breath in through his nose and let it out slowly through his mouth.

Tapping the open communications button that would let the entire ship hear him he said "Captain Kerr to the crew. We're about to get underway, but before we do I wanted to let you know how very proud I am of all of you for how you've conducted yourselves in this most difficult of situations. Every one of you has carried out their duties to the best of their ability and I couldn't have asked for a more dedicated staff. On my own behalf, I personally want to thank you all. We face a daunting task ahead of us. The ship is in a critical condition, a great many of the crew have died or have been injured, this means that I must ask you to continue to dig deep and carry on doing what you've been doing, Captain out."

Turning to Rostra he said "Ensign Tang, we're heading to the area of space where the shockwaves originated, co-ordinate with Helm to find us the safest most direct path."

Rostra gave a nod from one form, while the other didn't take her glance off of her console screen. Damaged though it may be, it still did the job. "Due to the nature of the phenomenon, the optimal course could change at any time. No pun intended, I assure you." she started, before her other form looked up and joined the conversation she was already a part of. "Though, I have faith in our helmsman." she offered with a set of smiles.

"I'm sending the current most optimal route now."

A few minutes later, Rostra gave a pause. A pair of them, even.

"Sir, long range scanners are picking up something of a debris field. Bearing three zero two mark one. I'm picking up power fluctuations from the field as well but..."

"... nothing more than ambient flickers. Long dead energy readings fading into dead power zones. Like the flicker of a candle." she brought the results of the scanner's readings up on the science panel. With that in mind, Rostra increased the magnification to the limit of her system with the power at hand, and the results were rather impressive.

"If I didn't know better, it looks like a scrapper's paradise. It's a graveyard." she said, a hint of a tone of reverence. Or was it fear....

"I'll take a look at the data in a moment Ensign Tang" Finchley replied.

Looking at Aoba he said "Lt Suzukaze, get with Engineering, prioritise what they need, see what we have in store and what we can cannibalise from our own ship. Have Engineering let me know what's missing and what's critically needed as soon as possible."

Turning back round and tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to Commander Mo'Bri, we're about to get underway, Lt Suzukaze will be helping to co-ordinate what you need to keep they ship going and what you can cannibalise from the Lantau to use. I need you to get a list together of what else is required, Kerr out."

"Understood, will coordinate with Lt. Suzukaze asap, Mo'Bri out", she said and began to put the long list together.

Looking towards YirVass he said "Lt Daar, get down to the shuttle bay, find out how many we have in working order in case we need them."

“Aye Commander I’m on my way.” YirVass said as he turned from his bridge post he was replaced there immediately.

Tapping his COMM badge again he said "Commander Kerr to Lt Calloway. Doctor, I know you're busy, but we need every reasonably able bodied person available we can muster. If you believe there are any of the crew in Triage who can be released for short time light duties, that would be a great help, thank you, Kerr out."

"Understood Commander," JC replied to the commander's request as he continued following up with his patients.

Tapping his COMM badge again he said "Commander Kerr to Lt Foxwell. Please report to Medical, find out from Lt Calloway if there's any help you can give the injured in Medical, Kerr out."

"I'm on my way." said Hayden.


Hayden walked into sickbay. Looking around he spotted Calloway. "Doctor, I've been asked by Commander Kerr to help, where do you need me?"


J'Loni was shaking her head as she made her way through engineering. The parts she would need were incredibly making her list longer and longer. How the hell was she supposed to find these parts and fit them to the Lantau's systems? It was going to be just more than a challenge, it was going to be a near impossibility but......her nick name of being a 'Miracle Worker' was definately going to be put to the test and she knew it!

Once he'd finished giving out his orders, Finchley got up out of the Captains chair and walked to the Science console where Rostra was and looked over the data that had been collected. This could be a decent break for them, the ship was in bits, they had no way of replicating all the parts required to fix the Lantau up, this could be a possible life line. After taking in what he'd read, mulling it over for a few moments, he decided the risk was one worth taking.

"Relay these co-ordinates to the Helm" Finchley said, and then looking at CPO Sulvek said "Once you have the co-ordinates Chief, make towards this...'boneyard', best possible speed."

"Aye Sir, best possible speed" Sulvek replied.

Tapping his COMM badge Finchley said "Commander Kerr to Commander Mo'Bri, I have some good news for you. Long range scanners have picked up a ship graveyard and we're going to investigate it. Please bring me the list of repairs you have and I'd like to go over these readings that we've picked up, Kerr out."

"Mo'Bri here, great news Commander. I will bring my lengthy list to you as soon as it is finished. Mo'Bri out", she said smiling. Hope at least.

Rostra turned her full attention up to Finchley, an odd weight for someone not used to the absolute attention of a Dalacari. "Sir, we might even be able to restock our replicator mass rations by converting random waste material in the boneyard, as you put it, to the replicator buffer. We'd ..."

"...have to be certain not to take away any parts or materials that Commander Mo'Bri would need, but I think it could work."

She paused for a moment. "Also, if Commander Mo'Bri needs an extra pair of hands, I'll certainly volunteer. I'm certified in Federation engines and particle theory, and I'm from a world ..."

"...with higher native gravity than Earth so... I'm tougher than I look." she offered with a pair of smirks.

"Double check with the Commander on the waste materials you want to convert" Finchley replied to Rostra "some of them may do more harm than good. I'm not an expert, but I'd say if you did more damage to the CEO's pride and joy than has already been done by the shockwaves, you may find yourself on the wrong end of a Klingon tongue lashing, possibly more" he laughed.

"I'm pretty sure Commander Mo'Bri will welcome the help you're offering, once she brings up the list of repairs we need, you can both discuss how best to try and find, fix or convert what we can salvage. In the meantime, if you're able, try and find out how old the wrecks and derelicts are in that boneyard" Finchley said.

The Dalacari gave a pair of nods, "On it, sir." and she resumed her scans and documentation of the boneyard with earnest.


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