USS Lantau
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Bittersweet move

Posted on Mon Mar 23rd, 2020 @ 7:12am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Joseph Calloway

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Captain's Ready Room/Medical
Timeline: Current.

Finchley looked around the tattered and beaten Ready Room. Though he stood there as the temporary Captain, he didn't see it as his, belonging to him, it still felt like Captain Haught's. In his minds eye he could picture the Senior Staff seated at the table, listening to Captain Haught briefing them on the mission of the day, or some new report that had come in...and it brought a wan smile, just for a couple of seconds. Looking down at the dust covered desk, all pitted and dented from the falling ceiling damage, he picked up the small box that was there and weighed it in his hand. What he was about to do was right, it was what was required of him and of the current situation the ship and her crew found themselves in.

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to Dr Calloway. If it's convenient and you're not currently seeing to any of your patients, can you meet me in the Ready Room just now, it's rather important?"

It seemed like he had just closed eyes after his last set of rounds. He lost track of what day or time of day it was because of the round the clock care he had been providing the injured crew. He tapped his badge in response, “On my way, Commander.” He threw on a clean lab coat and grabbed his trickster and the hypospray, and went to the Ready Room.

As he traveled through in the turbo lift and walked to the Ready Room, he was to exhausted to even contemplate the reason behind the Commander’s summons. He pressed the keypad and entered the room. “How can I help Commander?” JC said as he lifted the medical tricorder ready to scan the Commander.

Finchley looked over as someone entered the room, and seeing the Doctor and realising almost instantly how tired he seemed he said "It's alright Doctor, it's not actually a medical situation, please, come over and have a seat" he said gesturing to the seat next to where he stood.

“Aye Sir,” JC said as he took the seat as instructed.

"Firstly Doctor Calloway, I'd like to thank you, your medical staff and all who helped out with the triage work for everything you've done for the injured crew" Finchley said "you've all done a tremendous job in the most difficult of circumstances, a commendation for you and everyone involved in helping will be sent to Starfleet Medical to say thank you on behalf of us all."

“Thank you Sir, we have an excellent team. They have put in a lot of long hours the last several days, the team deserves the recognition Sir, not me. I couldn’t have done it without them,” JC replied modestly. He only did his job, he didn’t feel that he did anything extraordinary but was still glad of the recognition.

"Now, there are two reasons why I've asked you to meet me" Finchley continued "one I need you to accept, the other to think about because it comes with the responsibility of accepting the first. So if you could stand up for me please."

“Aye, Commander,” JC wasn’t sure what was going on, but he stood and came to attention, as he assumed the situation dictated.

Reaching round and picking up a small box from the desk behind him, Finchley said "Having witnessed how you've coped and dealt with the recent situation, and shown leadership as well as compassion for your work, I hereby promote you to the rank of full Lieutenant" he added, opening up the box, removing the two gold pip pins and inserting them into the spaces on Josephs collar."

“Thank you sir,” JC replied, he was excited about the promotion but a little heartbroken that it came on the heels of a loss and tragedy. He promised himself he would work hard and be worthy of their sacrifice.

"You deserve this Lieutenant" Finchley said "which leads me onto the next part. I need a reliable and responsible Senior Staff to work with me to help stabilise the situation we now face. Commander Mo'Bri has agreed to step up to be temporary Executive Officer whilst remaining our Chief Engineer as well, I'd like you to consider stepping up to be our Second Officer as well as remaining our Chief Medical Officer, what do you say?"

JC didn’t speak for a full minute a Doctor as the 2XO, never in his wildest dreams did he even imagine a chance to work on the bridge or participate with command decisions other than from a medical standpoint. “Commander, I don’t know what to say, I never imagined I’d get an opportunity like this. I promise I will do my best sir. I will have a lot of learning ahead of me sir, but I do accept Sir.”

Finchley held out his hand and said "Congratulations Lieutenant, welcome to Command. It's true, there is a lot to learn, but at the same time, if you continue to use the kind of common sense and fervour for your duty as you've already shown, you'll do well. Anything you don't know or don't understand, my door is always open and my brain is always there to be picked.....though you may have to rummage around in my skull a little to find it on the first place" he joked "and of I'm not available, Commander Mo'Bri will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. A little tip for you there though, never ask the questions you have if the XO's in full CEO mode...they can be a little cranky sometimes, but hey, you've got to start learing somewhere" he finished with a laugh.

JC smiled at Kerr’s description of J’Loni, “Understood Sir.”

"Excellent" Finchley replied "I shan't keep you back any longer Doctor. Congratulations again in both circumstances, dismissed."

“Thank you, Commander,” JC said, unsure if it was to early to call him Captain or Skipper. He did an about face and made his way back to Medical.

Captain Finchley Kerr
Commanding Officer
USS Lantau

Lieutenant JC Calloway
2XO Chief Medical Officer
USS Lantau


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