USS Lantau
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The Boneyard Pt 1

Posted on Wed Mar 25th, 2020 @ 12:52am by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri & Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen) & Lieutenant Joseph Calloway & Ensign Leeni Kaiku & Ensign Rostra Tang
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Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: USS Lantau/The Boneyard
Timeline: Current

The USS Lantau had limped along at warp one point five for a couple of hours and now it was approaching the area of space where the ship boneyard was.

"Captain, we're coming up on the co-ordinates" Sulvek relayed to Finchley.

"Take us out of warp Chief, ahead impulse power, put what's there on the main viewer" Finchley replied.

The Lantau came out of warp, and the scene that appeared onscreen was one that had some on the bridge drawing breath. Vessels, a huge multitude of vessels, all in varying states of size and disrepair, filled the screen. A great many were battle scarred, showing signs of phaser fire along their hulls and large sections of their superstructure missing, internal rooms open to the cold vacuum of space.

"Take us in Mr Sulvek, but slowly" Finchley ordered the Helm officer.

Sulvek nodded and his hands moved across the controls that took the Lantau into the boneyard. Finchley looked at the ships, they weren't of any design he'd come across before, and the outer markings weren't familiar with him at all. "Start recording this!" he told Sulvek. After a few minutes, he decided they'd come in far enough as was safe, so ordered the ship to a full stop.

Turning to Rostra he said "Start scanning the area, let me know how big this place is and just how many ships are here Ensign. You also said you had some energy readings, let me know how many you detect and how close we are to those."

"Of course. Preliminary scans are something of a mish mash. There's a lot of matter and a lot of dead ships out there, with flickers of power here and there. Probably..."

"... remnants of power from fading batteries, dying discharges of capacitors, or just static discharge. I'll keep scanning and keep you appraised sir."

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to Mo'Bri, we've arrived at the boneyard, I need you on the bridge with that list of yours now!"

"You don't need to holler Captain, I am here already with this list that goes on and on and on. I don't know if we can actually find what we need. But, I will do my best to fix my lady Lantau." J'Loni said handing the PADD with her list.

Looking over the list on the PADD given to him by his CEO, Finchley had an eerie feeling beginning to creep over him. He'd been in a similar place in Federation space, close to Earth where decommissioned ships had been placed. What had struck him, as it wasn't something he'd really thought about, was the fact that there were several Security teams that patrolled the area in shuttles....just in case anyone tried to steal something from the hulks 'floating there'.

He tapped his COMM badge again and said "Commander Kerr to Ensign Kaiku, please report to me on the bridge, Kerr out."

Leenie was learning her way around the ship when the captain called."I'm on my way sir." Leeni said as she asked an officer where the nearest turbo list was to the bridge.

"Thank you Ensign, Commander Kerr out" Finchley replied.

There was another thought that suddenly struck Finchley, and it was to do with the Medical side of things, what if there were instruments or supplies that Sickbay could use, wouldn't that benefit them?

Once again, he tapped his COMM badge and said "Commander Kerr to Lieutenant Calloway, report to the bridge, Kerr out."

Leeni had gotten to where the captain is as she tapped her comm badge,"Commander Kerr im here to see you." Leeni said

"Take your station at the Security console Ensign" Finchley ordered Leeni.

With one last tap of his COMM badge Finchley said "Commander Kerr to Lieutenant Daar, how are the shuttles looking, can we use them?"


Daar has just arrived at the shuttle bay. One whole side has caved in as wave after wave of destructive power had buckled it. At least that hadn’t reached the Delta flyer. But the run about and the Argo transporter were crushed and would need replacing if they ever got back to their correct time and place in it. He would be un able to get to the shuttles under the Danube and Argo in the maintenance bay however expectations for those would be grim. He was still looking around from the bay door as Commander Kerr’s call came in. “Commander, what I am seeing here is almost complete annihilation. The Argo and Danube are crushed but it stopped before the Delta Flyer. Anything that was below the Argo and the Danube are likely completely crushed too. What I can see is that one of each class for the eight nine and eleven and the Delta Flyer. With some help I have a few ideas for your yacht too. Though I don’t have the tinkers knowledge if you could spare Commander Mo’Bri and any engineers she can spare we can check and strip what we need from the scrap pile.”


Finchley listened to the report from YirVass as it came over his COMM badge. He felt like he wanted to put his head in his hands and just scream the place down, how much more bad news could they face. Remaining focused though, he kept his voice level and strong as he replied "I'll have someone with you as soon as possible Lieutenant, just go ahead and start your assessment of the shuttles to find out what can be salvaged to help repair any of the others, Kerr out."

Tapping her combadge, "Mo'Bri to Lt. Thomson you and team alpha and delta go help Lt. Darr in the flight bay. They will instruct you on what needs to be done. Mo'Bri out", she said.

"Understood", Thomson replied.

It wasn't but 3 minutes later when the Lantau shuddered. J'Loni's board on the bridge lit up like a Christmas tree and the klaxon went off. "Augusfratt!!! Bulkhead on deck 5 just blew out. Emergency forcefields went up but not before two officers were sucked into space", J'Loni said as the reports came to her. Suddenly her face changed, "Captain it pains me to report that Lt.Foxwell, and Lt. Suzukaze, were the two officers that were lost", she said slowly.

Aware that a stunned silence had come over the bridge, Finchley tried not to show any anger or frustration, but he was almost at breaking point, how much more could fate throw at them in their difficult circumstances. Opening and clenching his right hand several times, his voice sounded a little strained as he replied "Thank you Number Once, I don't care what it takes, but get their bodies back here, they won't be left behind."

With that, he stood up and said "I will be in my Ready Room", then walked towards it at a hastened pace. Once inside and the doors were closed behind him, walked over to the desk, stood before it, then smashed his left fist down on the top several times, his face crumpled and he bared his teeth as he looked at the ceiling in despair. Tears flooded out and down his face, he was SO angry and frustrated as he yelled "WHY UNIVERSE...WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE THIS...WHAT DID ALL THOSE OFFICERS AND CREW DO TO DESERVE DEATH AND INJURY EH???? ALL WE WANTED TO DO IS EXPLORE, MEET NEW SPECIES AND CULTURES, SHARE OUR KNOWLEDGE WITH THEM IF THEY WANT TO LISTEN TO US, LEARN FROM THEM IF THEY'RE WILLING TO SHARE!!! BUT NO, INSTEAD YOU DECIDED TO HEAP YOUR COALS OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ON US....WELL FUCK YOU!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO FIND A WAY OUT OF THIS, WE'RE GOING TO COME THROUGH THIS BIGGER, BETTER AND STRONGER. YOU CAN TRY AND BREAK OUR SPIRIT, YOU CAN TRY AND KILL US ALL, BUT BE WARNED, YOU BETTER DO IT AND DO IT FUCKING RIGHT BECAUSE WE'RE READY FOR YOU NOW AND NOTHING.....NOTHING WILL BREAK US!!!!" and with that he straightened up, wiped his face, pulled down his tunic, turned round and set his steely eyed stare on the door. Walking towards them, they opened up allowing him to walk back out onto the bridge.


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