USS Lantau
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[Backlog] New Security on the block

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 4:36am by Lieutenant JG Yirvass Daar (Prureen)

Mission: Side Posts
Location: USS-Lantau Corridors
Timeline: #Back log# Ensign Kaiku’s arrival.


Leeni was walking along the Corridor being the new security on the block, she went by the ship's computer on the wall to look for Lieutenant JG Daar - Prueen. So she kept walking along trying to find her way around then she tapped her comm. =/\=Lieutenant Daar-Prueen, This is Ensign Kaiku I'm your new Assist Security/Tactical were you at sir.=/\=she asked in a nice way.

YirVass laughed to himself. =/\=Nice to hear that name again. I haven’t in some time outside of my family since I was joined to the Daar symbiont that is. Lieutenant Daar would have sufficed Ensign. Welcome aboard Ensign Kaiku I am in the Shuttlebay at the moment working out what’s beyond fixing and what the engineers can do with the spare parts.=/\=

=/\=Lieutenant, I can meet you in the shuttle bay, sir?=/\= Leeni said as she started walking towards the nearest turbo lift.

=/\=You can I will likely be here or here a-bouts for a while,=/\= YirVass said.

=/\=Ok I will meet you there sir, I'm on my way.=/\= Leeni said walking into the turbo lift to call for the Shuttle bay.

=/\=See you when you get here Ensign.=/\= YirVass said and returned to work scrabbling through the destroyed rubble of the Danube class he was currently working on.

Leeni walked in after she got off the lift and called her Security chief." Lieutenant Daar, you here sir?" Leeni yelled as she kept walking in the shuttle bay looking for him. Leeni couldn't Imagine how the damage took place she just shook her head as she kept looking for her Security Chief."Lieutenant Jg YirVass Darr where are you in all this mess?" she kept calling his name.

Hearing a preset Female voice calls out to him and Darr said To YirVass “I sense trouble.”

”Ah hello look around you buddy, whatever caused those power waves caused us a lot of trouble. Anyway you also always sense trouble.” YirVass said to himself as he came around from behind some of the destroyed machinery. “Over here, Miss Kaiku is it?” He asked as he pulled a rag out of a pocket cleaning his hands on it.

Leeni saw her Security Chief. "WoW look what's around here sir." Leeni said, "And yes I'm Ens Leeni Kaiku." Leeni said. "Boy what a mess," Leeni said.

“Your right it is a bit of a mess, it was not even caused by a battle. Nice to meet you by the way. I was challenged to see what is useful to weaponize the non-Delta Flyer vessels. I’ve found a few bits and pieces but there is more destruction here as usable.”

Leeni shook her head and sighed over the mess, since she was still around there, "Nice to meet you too sir." Leeni said to him.

“So I haven’t seen your file, which is a little unusual for me but, as you can see we’ve been a little busy here. What have you been doing with your career since leaving the academy?” YirVass asked.

Leeni looked at him, "Not really too much sir" the young Betazoid woman said looking at her Security chief. Leeni had her information with her on her Padd, "Here sir here's my information on my Padd." Leeni grinned while waiting for him to take it.

YirVass took it gently. He always hated when the heads of department would snatch things from his, especially when it was a padd so he tried to to himself, opening it to her military career information specifically her academy classes, after a cursory glance at them he was surprised that she hadn’t been sent as an Operations Officer. “I see a lot of security stuff but I also see a lot of Operations cross over, were you trying to leave your options open until your final year?” It explained why the two extra years at the academy quite well he thought.

Leeni looked at him, "Who knows what's next for me." she smiled at her Security chief. She got up to get herself an Earl Grey tea hot from the replicator, she needed to wake up. She sat back down to visit with her Security Chief Lieutenant Jg Yirvass Daar.

“True, very true none of us know what will happen, having said that I guess operations is a good cross over for security officers,” YirVass said as he kept reading. “Your reports from your chief are exemplary so I expect that will do well here as well.”

Leeni grinned "Thank you, sir." As she was drinking her Earl Grey tea, "I will do my best sir." Leenie said.

YirVass rubbed his nose and handed the Padd back to Leeni after he cleaned the screen again, he hadn’t realized how greasy his fingers had been, then went over to the replicator and said “Raktajino, sweet and black.” As it he waited for it to make his drink he asked: “So what are your plans for the Security team under you?”

Leeni looked at her chief while drinking her Ear Grey tea. "Wells all quiet, and when were needed for away missions we'd be there."Leeni said. "Also any problems or help on the ship we'll be there to help." Leeni also said.

“That is a fairly expectable answer, textbook even! If you had been enlisted personnel I would likely have left it at that. However as an officer, you have a little more training and because of that more responsibility so again I ask, what are your plans for the team, which in your case will be bravo watch, beneath you?”

Leeni looked at him."Well, not much just make sure they are alert and focus and no sleeping on the job, and breaking up the fights,and help when they can." Leeni said

YirVass nodded with a smile as he took a drink of his Raktajino, “That is certainly what I would expect from an Officer. I expect this ship will be running even more efficiently than it is already, but that currently isn’t our fault but we will get it back to where we can get it repaired.”

Leenie nodded to nodded,"To her superior Officer, "Understood sir It shall be." Leenie said.

“Very well, I expect your here a day or so early so feel free to to get acclimated to the ship.” YirVass said.

Leeni nodded, "Aye Sir I will look around." She said before she left.


Lt(jg) YirVass Daar
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Eng Leeni Kaiku
Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer
(Chief Operations Officer)


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