USS Lantau
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"On to the Boneyard"

Posted on Tue May 12th, 2020 @ 11:24am by Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: Current

J'Loni grabbed her tricorder, tool kit and her backpack and headed for the shuttle bay. Tapping her combadge, "Lt. Carlson meet us in the shuttlebay for flight duty," she said and closed the com.

Todd almost fell from his bed when his combadge went off. "Understood ma'am," he said and jumped out of the bed hurrying to get ready for duty.

"Cmdr. Kerr, Mo'Bri here meet me in the shuttle bay presently so we can hunt for bones?", J'Loni said chuckling as she entered the lift and sent it to the shuttlebay.

"I'm just gathering a couple of things, I'll be there presently Commander" Finchley replied to the message. He checked he had everything, gave a nod of satisfaction, exited his quarters and made his way along the corridor to the turbolift. Once inside, he said "Shuttle Bay" and the 'lift carried on it's journey. Once there, he walked along the shuttle craft that were working and found the one he and J'Loni, along with Lt Carlson, would taking. Stepping inside he set down his small ruck sack and wandered up to the cockpit waiting for the others to arrive.

"Come on Todd, lets get rolling. Captains already on board", J'Loni said walking up into the shuttle.

"Right behind you commander", Todd said, entering the shuttle. Walking past the captain, he took the helm. "Mmmm....captain, you want to ride shotgun?", he said motioning to the co-pilots seat.

"Well, that's most kind of you Lieutenant, I haven't been shotgun in a while, my arse normally resides in the pilots seat where I'm trained to be....but I guess I can take orders from you for now" Finchley said, throwing himself huffily down on the co-pilots chair.

Todd looked at Finchley with a surprised look
"You take orders from me? I think not sir. I'm just your pilot", Todd said laughing

Finchley couldn't hold the titter of laughter back as he replied "I was kidding Lieutenant, the piloting of the shuttle's yours, that's primarily why you're here."

"Primarly your right but sir you still out rank me. I am just a humble helmsman, shuttle pilot, and your CAG. Besides your my superior officer," Todd chuckled.

J'Loni smiled as she stowed her gear. I felt good to see Finchley just being himself. Todd was a fighter pilot and a damn good helmsman to boot. If there was gold in that boneyard he would find them.

"Well gentlemen shall we get going? We have gold to find", J'Loni said chuckling. "Todd let's rock son", J'Loni said.

Finchley though for a moment then said "Actually...that's not a bad idea Commander. Copper would be better as a conductor, but if we find any gold, that's just as good. Send a message to the other two teams to be on the look out for anything that looks like gold, and copper, and if they can bring it back, great, if not, mark it up and we'll fetch it later with the Lantau if we have to move her further in."

"I agree with that. I would rather the Lantau be near should anything go crazy", J'Loni said.

Finchley was just about to reply to J'Loni when his COMM badge sounded "Kerr here" he said.

"Sir, this is Ensign MacAbby in Sickbay, a number of our patients are showing signs of deterioration in their condition and we need Dr Calloway back here right now!" the Ensign finished, fright sounding in her voice.

"I'll have them report back immediately, Kerr out," Finchley replied.

Tapping his COMM badge again he said "Dr. Calloway, Sickbay has just been calling for you, a number of patients in there are deteriorating fast and they need you back in the Med Bay. Leave what you're currently doing and get back there pronto, whatever you need from the salvage run, leave a note of it with Ensign Kaiku and I'll get it from her, Kerr out."

He tapped his COMM badge again and said: "Ensign Kaiku, with Dr Calloway having to return to Sickbay, you're free to join myself and Commander Mo'Bri in our shuttle as we go exploring?"

Leeni heard the message and then Tapp her badge, "I'm on my way, sir." Leeni said as she took off for the shuttle bay.

Once Leeni was onboard, Finchley said to Todd "Ok, Mr. Carlson, take us out, let's get this show on the road."

"Buckle up, next stop Da Bone Yard!" Todd said as he departed with the other two shuttles the following suit.

Looking around at J'Loni, Finchley asked, "What's top on your shopping list Commander?"

Leeni was on the shuttle and chuckled at what the commander said. "Nice smart-alecky question to her sir," she said to Captain Finchley.

Finchley looked at Leeni and replied "It wasn't a smart-alec question Ensign, it was an honest one. The ships in a dire state, our systems are failing and we desperately need replacement or salvaged parts. The Commander knows the priority list of items required better than myself or anyone on board, that's why I asked her."

Leeni looked at the Cmdr,"Oh I see what you're talking bout sorry Sir." Leeni said.

Turning to look at Kerr, "Well.......from.....", straining her neck watching the floating hulks, "from where I'm standing.........", moving to the other side now to see, "there might be like three to four ships........Heelllloooooo baby.........," J'Loni sank into the seat as the hull slowly slid past her. "I know that hull configuration. Their propulsion system is comparable to our own. We should start there," she said.

"Ok, for want of a better phrase, you're the boss, in this instance anyway," Finchley said light heartedly to J'Loni.

Looking at Finchley, she wrinkled her nose, " Of course we should begin on this ship. She reminds me of an old ship I know", J'Loni said.

Nodding, Finchley looked at Todd and said "Manoeuvre us in Mr Carlson, try and find us somewhere we can land and make safe for us to check out that ship."

"Maneuvering us in closer. I see a docking port. Want me to try to hookup and dock there?", Todd asked.

"That looks as good a place as any to dock Lieutenant" Finchley replied to Todd.

The looking at Leeni Finchley said "Once we're safely onboard Ensign Kaiku, I want you to make your way to the bridge, see if there's any power still getting to the consoles, even a passive feed. If there is, try and restart the mainframe computer so we can learn a bit about what specs this ship has."

Leeni looked at her commanding officer."Understood Sir." Leenie said to him.

Then another thought struck Finchley "Ensign, also try and find any star charts that may be stored in the mainframe, download them and bring them back with you, I'd like to compare what they had then, to what we have now."

[The derelict ship]

The shuttle slowly approached the derelict vessel and docked. Inside the shuttle, Finchley looked around at the away team with him and said "Ok, listen up. Commander Mo'Bri has an extensive list of what she wants to try and salvage, Ensign Kaiku will be trying to get the mainframe computer online again, the rest of us will be searching to see what else is useful and can be salvaged. Keep in constant contact with each other, nobody is to try any heroics, this is a serious situation about trying to sort another, even more, serious situation. Right let's go on board?"

"I'll keep her warm and scan for......ghosts, sir," Todd said chuckling.

Finchley looked at Todd and just raised his eyebrows before turning and making his way out of the shuttle and onto the other vessel.

"Right Todd," J'Loni said to him. Picking up her kit and PADD, "Ok boy's and girl's shall we get this party started?," she said as she stepped onto the derelict ship. It was eerie and so cold it almost felt like a tomb. Carbon scarring from weapons fire on the walls told of a battle long gone. No signs of life yet you could see that she once was home to her crew and families. The carpet was faded and torn in several places and bulkheads were twisted. All this reminded one of a battle fought to the death but where were the bodies? It was a question that lingered in her mind as she made her way to engineering. Stopping just inside of the engine room, "Now we will see just what damage is here. Yet for some reason this ship in itself resembles a ship I served on. Anyway.....", J'Loni said as she pushed the doors open.

"Kahless be praised!", she stammered. The engine room was not too badly damaged. Their consoles were in pretty good shape considering the damage seen before. Sure there was damage to display consoles and ODN conduit damage but the main parts looked salvageable. "Ok, let's start by pulling as many power taps as we can and then move on from there," J'Loni said quietly.

Finchley slowly made is way along the corridor, though it was difficult at times to make out some of it as the power cells for the emergency lights were running down. Finally, he came across a panel on the wall and raising his hand he touched it. It flickered a little, then flickered a lot, then eventually lit up fully showing a full site plan of the ship. He couldn't understand the writing, but the gist of the plan was clearly there. Tapping his COMM badge he said, "Captain to Ensign Kaiku, are you on the bridge yet?"

"Good, look around and tell me what you can see" Finchley said.
Leeni tapped her comm badge "Everything looks ok with some Damage sir." Leeni said. She kept looking around with a flashlight she flashed
around the area wondering if anything was working on the bridge.

"Try to get a console working of you can, find their astrometric charts and download them, Kerr out" Finchley said.

Tapping his badge again he said "Kerr to Mo'Bri, how are you getting on in engineering?"

Looking at the 10 power taps lying at her feet, along with several plasma converters and as many warp coils that were not damaged, smiling she hit her combadge, "Mo'Bri here, we have all we can get from this ship. I think we are done here," she said.

Replying Finchley said "Ok, that's good, have Lieutenant Carlson take the salvage items back to the shuttle, and then you make your way to the bridge and meet Ensign Kaiku there to see how she's getting on with the salvage work there."

"Understood," J'Loni said. "Mo'Bri to Carlson come and pick up these salvaged parts and take them back to the shuttle. I'm going to check on Ens. Kaiku, Mo'Bri out", she said and closed the link.

"Mo'Bri to Ens. Kaiku what is your position?", she asked.

Leenie was gonna check out other areas of the ship when her comm badge went off." Leenie here I'm on the bridge of the ship, gonna check other areas of the ship." Leenie said on her com badge.

"Leenie don't wander off stay there. I'm on my way Mo'Bri out", she said. She did not need Leenie to get lost not here and not now. She could not shake the feeling that they were being watched.

Leenie shook her head after hearing that she had to stay put, she wanted to look outside the bridge so she looked for another way out of the bridge and snuck away down the ladder to snoop a little , and looks around before heading back to the bridge, Leenie Tapped her combadge,"I'm just snooping,
around ma'am I need to know my where abouts,and I will come up the ladder to the bridge, Leenie out."Leenie said getting curious about the rest of the ship.

Finchley tapped his COMM badge and and said "Ok everyone, we have everything we need and it's safely stored on the shuttle. Let's get back to said shuttle and return to the Lantau, Kerr out."


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