USS Lantau
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Never manage to catch a break...

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 12:33am by Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Shuttle Bay/Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Current

Finchley placed his right hand on the nape of his head at the back and slowly rubbed it up and down to relieve the pressure he was feeling there. Were they never going to catch a break; were they ever going to find themselves in a normal environment again?

He’d just been told that on his way along the corridor to sickbay, Doctor Calloway had been near a control panel when it’d blown out. The Doctor hadn’t caught the blast full force – fortunately he was just approaching it when the accident happened – however, it was still enough to have thrown Calloway against the far bulkhead, knocking him out. The medics who got to him were able to stabilize him and get him into sickbay, but Finchley would have to wait a while to get the results of scans to find out if there was any internal damage caused.

In the meantime, Finchley needed to act quickly once again to find a replacement for a Department Head. Tapping his COMM badge he said “Commander Mo'Bri, come to my Ready Room straight away, Kerr out.”

“On my way,” J'Loni said. Crossing the bridge, she motioned to OPS that he had the bridge.

Tapping his COMM badge to close that link, and then tapping it again to open another he said, “Commander Kerr to Lieutenant O'Grady, please make your way to my Ready Room immediately, Kerr out.”

Lieutenant Francis O'Grady was just finishing up with a patient when the message came through their badge. Tapping it to reply they said "On my way Sir."

Finchley quickly made his way up to his Ready Room and waited for his officers to arrive.

Hitting the door chime J'Loni waited.

“Come” Finchley called out, and he watched as the doors opened and J'Loni walked in.

“We have another situation Commander; Doctor Calloway has now had an accident and will be out of action for a while” Finchley said

“That tears it! How much bad luck can this crew and ship stand?”, J'Loni said looking at Finchley.

“I know, we never seem to catch a break, do we?” Finchley replied “However, I’ve called Lieutenant O'Grady up here to meet with us, I want them to step up to temporary CMO, we need one and they're qualified.”

“Agreed,” J'Loni added.

Lieutenant O'Grady arrived outside the Ready Room and tapped the chime to let those inside know they wanted in.

“Come!” Finchley called out and watched as the doors opened, allowing Lieutenant O'Grady to enter his Ready Room.

“Lieutenant O'Grady, thank you for coming so quickly” Finchley said.

"It sounded urgent Captain so I came straight away" O'Grady replied.

“I don’t have much time, so I’ll come straight to the point” Finchley answered “Lieutenant Calloway has had an accident in the shuttlebay and has been taken to sickbay. I need someone to temporarily step up to Chief Medical Officer for the time he’s trying to recover, will you be willing to do so?”

Francis was stunned, but the feeling passed very quickly and they said "Of course I will Sir, thank you for asking me."

“Thank you” Finchley replied “as I say, it’s temporary just now, but given the circumstances we’re in, I can’t be without a CMO. Your first duty will be to read Lieutenant Calloway’s list of salvage requirements, then join myself, Commander Mo'Bri here” at which he gestured to J'Loni “and Ensign Kaiku in the shuttlebay in thirty minutes. Time is of the essence Lieutenant, we need to get this ship fixed and its crew looked after as best we can, dismissed.”

"Aye Sir, on my way" Lieutenant O'Grady replied, nodding, turning and making their way quickly out of the Ready Room.

“Looks to be a good doctor I would say,” J'Loni said smiling as she got a cup of tea from the replicator. “I hope we can find enough of what we need to patch up and get us moving again. I want very much to get out of here and back to our own time. Being here gives me the creeps,” she added.

Finchley gave J'Loni a very thoughtful look as he replied “Yes, I know what you mean, it’s almost like there’s a shroud or a presence here. Anyway, we can’t afford to be put off with thoughts of the bogeyman, we have too much at stake. Let’s hopefully go get what we need, try and get it installed and the get out of here as quickly as possible.”

"I'm all for that", J'Loni said thoughtfully. "The sooner the better! After this we can breathe a bit easier and maybe have a drink later after all this is said and done," she added.

"Hopefully yes, but we have to get it done in the first place, so let's go" Finchley replied, making his way towards the exit to the bridge.


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