USS Lantau
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Making the call

Posted on Sun May 10th, 2020 @ 2:14pm by Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant JG Jason Maddox

Mission: The Years that never were...
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: Current.

Finchley stared at the communications set on his desk, he couldn't quite take in what he'd just heard "Could you repeat that please?" he said.

"It's Ensign Thornton Sir, Head Nurse from Sickbay" the voice began again "We've just had word that Lieutenant O'Grady has died, he was on his way back here and a power conduit in the wall blew out right beside him, he was killed instantly."

"Thank you Ensign, Captain out" Finchley said in a low hoarse tone. He blinked a number of times to try and get himself back together, and finally he came to. Numbness for the situation and the mounting death toll made his next set of movements seem almost mechanical as he picked up the medical roster PADD and read through the names. The next most Senior doctor was Lieutenant Junior Grade Maddox.

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Commander Kerr to Lieutenant Maddox, report to my Ready Room immediately, out."

Just coming off duty Maddox was weary the ship was taking is toll of bad news lately and his head hurt all he could think about was the sudden lose of staff around the ship. His thoughts were interrupted by a call from the Captain he sounded urgent.

"Aye acknowledged Maddox out"

Turning around he headed towards the bridge he want at is best he had been on duty over 16 hours and he needed a shower but duty called one more time. As he walked at pace to the bridge other officers tipped the nod as he went is way. Soon arriving at the captains ready room he pressed the door chime and waited.

He wondered what this was all about.

"Come" Finchley called out and watched as the doors opened, allowing a medical officer to enter the room. He noted that they looked very tired, and he could imagine the shifts they'd put in during the current crisis.

"Lieutenant Maddox, thank you for coming straight away" Finchley said as he rose from his seat and came out from behind his desk. He met Jason half way across the room, stopped and said "I don't have a lot of time I'm afraid so I'll have to come straight to the point. I've just been informed that Lieutenant O'Grady, the Assistant Chief Medical Officer as you know, has been killed by an exploding conduit whilst on his way back to Sickbay. Myself and Commander Mo'Bri had literally just finished talking with him five minutes before, asking them to temporarily step up to acting Chief Medical Officer with Lieutenant Calloway being in a coma."

"The reason I've called you here is that you're next in line to step up to acting Chief Medical Officer and I need to know now if you're willing to take the position?" Finchley said.

Jason looked a little nervous wasn't something he had considered but he knew time was of the essence and he was the next logical step.

'sir I wasn't expecting this straight away and I am not even sure I am ready yet"

He wondered if he should have kept his thoughts silent and to him self.

" I do know one thing sir the Lantau has been through enough of late and we have lost some good people. I will do everything in my power as a Doctor whether I am Acting chief medical officer or not you can count on me to do what I am good at."

He hoped this was enough to prove to the captain he was ready for what ever came next.

"Thank you Lieutenant, that's very reassuring to hear" Finchley replied "as you can imagine, we need every able bodied person we can. I won't keep you from your duties any longer, if you need anything, come directly to me, dismissed."

He watched the Lieutenant leave, hoping that this time they'd make it safely back to Sickbay and the patients who so desperately needed him.


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